Four generations.
One passion.

Our passion is to grow our partners' business with diamonds people want to buy. Diamonds that tell stories.

Whether it’s through some of the most compelling and successful diamond brands in the industry or by certified quality unbranded stones, every diamond we sell has its own narrative.

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Global Leading Brands That Tell Compelling Stories

Whether it’s a story based around technical excellence, sustainability, design or emotion, every one of our brands understands its target audience and has an appealing and exciting product range.

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Partnering For Success

We believe in partnerships that last a lifetime. Partnerships built on integrity, expertise and honesty. Partnerships that add value to both businesses, that build a strong foundation for mutual success. This is how we’ve worked for over 70 years with retailers in the US, Asia, and Europe and this is how it will continue.

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Ethically sourced, responsibly mined. Always.

Leo Schachter himself ingrained in the company the principles of responsible stewardship, long before those words were invented. We have been certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council for over 10 years, ensuring integrity not just in our supply but all along the journey of the diamond, in the workshops and through to the stores as well. Every Leo Schachter supplier is required to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification protocols.

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